Venue Spec:

Stage Area 5M x 4M




Front Of House System

4 way fully active Funktion One system comprising : 2 x Res 3 Evo SH (Mid Top)

2 x F215 MkII (Bin)

2 x BR221 (Sub)

MC2 Amplification & Processing


FOH Mixing

Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console

Analogue multi – 32 ch to FOH / 8 returns to stage



4 x Seeburg Acoustic Line A8 (15” Floor Wedge)

2 x PSSO K Series Drum fill/DJ Monitor (12”/ 15”) MC2/PSSO Amplification


Microphone Stock

6 x Shure SM58 4 x Shure SM57 4 x Behringer C2

4 x Sennheiser e604 1 x Shure Beta52A

2 x Klark Teknik DN200 Active DI Box (2 Channel) 2 x ART DualZdirect Passive DI Box (2 Channel)

2 x Klark Teknik DN100 Active DI Box



8 x Tall Boom Microphone Stand 6 x Short Boom Microphone Stand


Stage Lighting/AV Front Truss

8 x LED Par 56

  • 5 x LED Par 64


Back Truss

4 x Chauvet Intimidator LED Moving Head (Beam) 2 x Sunstrip Audience Blinder




Projector (3000 lumens) HDMI drop at stage right wing


House Backline DJ Backline

  • x Pioneer DJM900 Nexus DJ Mixer
  • x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD/USB player


Live Backline 

Pearl Export Drum Kit

(Hardware : Snare stand/Hi-Hat stand/2 x cymbal stand) 2 x Marshall MG Guitar Combo