Situated at Eden Quay, Dublin, where The Liffey Boardwalk covers the length of the quay ‘The Wiley Fox’ is Dublin’s newest Retro Industrial Bar & Cafe. On the path towards the 3 Arena, right between where Liberty Hall dominates the eastern end of the quay, while at the opposite end is the Irish Nationwide building, noted for its destruction by the Royal Navy during the Easter Rising, The Wiley Fox is a pub with a lot of old style Retro Industrial charm that embraces a timeless feel yet playfully emerges with the modernity of a city in constant evolution.
Reaching as far back as the latter part of the 1700’s, No. 28 Eden Quay has housed many variations of the authentic Irish Public House before its current guise as The Wiley Fox.  It is noted to have withstood the chaotic times of 1916 and became a steadfast ‘go to’ place for many a Dubliner to get a good ‘sup. From the days of the old barge deliveries of Guinness Barrels via the River Liffey, to the moving with the changing of Dublin’s industrial times, to the more Cosmopolitan times of today – the premises have evolved with its City. And proudly at that. 
The Northside contains some of the most scenic and well-regarded areas of the city in both cultural and social terms and with ‘The Wiley Fox’ now serving a vast array of Craft Beers and Fine Cocktails along with Rustic Bar Food which caters for all appetites, it is quickly becoming the new era’s ‘go to’ for Dubliners and Tourists alike to frequent and visit. We also have a selection of the famous JJ Darboven Coffee’s available for sit in and take away while you enjoy meandering through the streets of Dublin.
Upstairs is the Soundhouse Venue, a live music and late night venue with a capacity of up to 250. The venue has seen some changes in recent years and now the multipurpose room caters for Music, Dance Club Nights, Comedy, Spoken word and Film. The outdoor terrace area is a great space to expand club nights from outside the main room and the perfect spot for early afternoon events.
At The Wiley Fox, you will find a team both upstairs and downstairs who are dedicated to exceeding your expectation, and who take pride in providing you with good customer service, attention to detail and exceptionally delectable food to accompany the many choices of beverages within our Cocktails and Craft Beers.